The most unusual Post Office in Britain…

Should you find yourself needing a pack of 1st class stamps whilst in West Hampstead, prepare to be amazed. West Hampstead sets the record for hosting the first Post Office inside an operational Church and it looks sensational.

Under the fantastic stewardship of Father Andrew Foreshew-Cain, St James’ Church is now a one stop shop for worship, buying stamps, stocking up on some deli favourites and having a coffee.  There’s even a spectacular soft play area for the kids to rival any of the best soft plays in London.

post office

Without wishing to blow our own trumpet, it was our very own David Matthews here at Dutch & Dutch who helped turn this idea into a reality.  David was involved in helping the West End Lane Post Office find new premises and, at the same time, spoke with Father Andrew Foreshew-Cain who mentioned his lovely building had so much surplus space to offer to the local community. The idea was born and its finally arrived.

It’s often said that the Post Office is the hub of a local community.  With such facilities all under one beautiful church roof,  we’re sure that this former underused place of worship will become a landmark meeting place for all of us here in West Hampstead.

The parish of St James and the community it serves is unquestionably set to flourish.  Make sure to visit, whether you need a stamp or not!